Become a Zenbassador

Why become a Zenbassador?

Becoming a Zen Barre® Instructor Ambassador is not only great for you and your community (who will ultimately reap the benefits of this powerful practice), but it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to inspire others while earning an extra income.  

Becoming a Zenbassador is great way for you to:
  • Live a healthier, more inspiring lifestyle while becoming the best version of yourself
  • Earn extra income
  • Isolate your business as one that offers cutting edge classes & programming
How does being a Zenbassador work?
  • Share ZB with the world and get others so sign up for the online or live ZB trainings
  • Host live trainings at studios of your choice
  • Payment at the end of each month
  • $25.00 per certification referred and purchased
  • Bonus options per month: 10= $100, 15=$150, 20= $250
  • 12 month minimum contract

Click here for Zen Barre® Ambassador Application

Getting here:

We are located in the same building as Lakeway Beverage. Parking lot is through the fence to the left of the building.

The Zen Barre
3700 State Route 118
Dallas, PA 18612

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