F.A.Q. About The Zen Barre®

What is the Zen Barre®?

The Zen Barre® is our company which currently has a flagship studio located in Dallas, Pa as well as online and live certification training options to become a Zen Barre® instructor.  Our company provides the opportunity and support for you to become a master Zen Barre® instructor, host live trainings at your facility, become a Zen Barre® ambassador, and even the opportunity to open your own Zen Barre® studio. Our signature class created by the owner and founder, Jonelle Dickson, is called Zen Barre®.

What classes do you offer? Do you have beginner courses?

If you head on over to our Class Schedule, you can click on any class to find out what it is and if it’s a beginner, intermediate, or advanced class!  After each class description is a key to help you decide. B means beginners, I means intermediate level students, and A means advanced level students. Most of our classes are suitable for beginners. Just remember when taking a class to listen to your body and take modifications and breaks as needed. Do not let being a beginner stop you from joining us. We were all beginners at one time!

How do I sign up for classes? Do I need to sign up before coming to a class?

You can sign up in the studio, on the Mindbody app, or online through our website. You do NOT need to sign up, just show up a few minutes before class starts.

How do I become a member / What’s included in my membership?

You can sign up in the studio with Jonelle only or online from the comfort of your own home, you just need a valid credit card.  We offer discounts for 3, 6, 12 month memberships. When you become a member you become part of the “Zen Tribe” and receive a bunch of extra perks. Check them out below:

  • Unlimited Classes
  • Autopay (via credit card each month)
  • 3 Month minimum (Cancel anytime within 30 days notice)
  • Members only classes with focuses on themes and “after class” treats
  • 10% off all retail purchases
  • 10% discount on workshop registration
  • 10% off private yoga, barre, and pilates classes
  • 5  free guest passes annually
  • Immediate family members living under one roof receive 25% off of their membership each month
    ****Monthly membership is hands-down the most cost-effective way to enjoy the life/body changing classes and our gorgeous space.****
Are there age requirements? Kids classes?

We currently do not offer Kid specific classes, however anyone and everyone regardless of age can attend classes at the Zen Barre®. We do require a parent/guardian signs a waiver for anyone 17 and younger. We love when kids attend classes with their parents, it helps build a beautiful bond.

Can pregnant women take classes?

Women can still safely attend barre classes throughout their pregnancy. It is reported that barre classes have helped women maintain a healthy lifestyle during their pregnancy and that it helped them bounce back quicker after pregnancy. Barre is great for pregnant women because it is low impact cardio and safe on the joints. There are no bouncing around or jumping movements. All pregnant students must obtain verbal/written doctor approval for participating in any classes at The Zen Barre® while pregnant.  Please let your instructor know you are pregnant prior to class starting.

Do I need to be flexible?

NO! People often say “I am not flexible enough to come.” Our response “ This is exactly why you NEED to come- get flexible with the Zen Barre®. Flexibility is created in classes.

Can I do this at home?

You can always take what you learn in class and practice at home, but of course we would rather see your beautiful face at our barre.

What do I wear?

Please leave your shoes and socks in the lobby upon arrival. We recommend Barre socks during Zen Barre® classes- socks help retain your body heat and keep you from slipping. We have gorgeous Zen Barre® socks for sale in the studio. These socks are great for every class style offered in the studio. You should wear pants, leggings, or capris that are comfortable and not loose fitting. Any type of top that covers your midriff is suitable.

Where I can access your playlist?

Follow Jonelle/The Zen Barre on Spotify with the username jdickson84. Follow our facebook page to see weekly playlists presented by members of our Zen Barre® team.

Getting here:

We are located in the same building as Lakeway Beverage. Parking lot is through the fence to the left of the building.

The Zen Barre
3700 State Route 118
Dallas, PA 18612

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